The John Batchelor Show

Wed 1/21/15 Hr 4 JBS: Jillian Kay Melchior, National Review Online.    Robert Zimmerman,  James Taranto, Wall Street Journal.  Philip Terzian, Weekly Standard

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Wed 1/21/15 Hr 4 JBS: Monica Crowley, Fox, & Washington Times Online opinion editor.   Dr. David H Grinspoon, Astrobiology chair, Library of Congress; astrobiology curator, Denver Museum of Nature & Science.  Gene Marks, 


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Wed 1/21/15 Hr 2 JBS: Kelley Currie, senior Fellow with the Project 2049 Institute.   Rick Fisher, International Assessment and Strategy Center.   Steven L Herman, Southeast Asia Bureau Chief Correspondent, Voice of America. Aaron Back, WSJ Hong Kong, Heard on the Street.


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WED 1/21/15 HR 1 JBS: Gordon Chang, Stephen Yates, Idaho Republican Party. Sarah Cook, Freedom House.  David Livingston,; Ashwin Vasavada, NASA JPL.

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