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Wed 12/31/14 Hr 4 JBS:Monica Crowley, Fox, in re Midterm 2014 GOP victory. Adam Nossiter, NYT, in re Central African Republic. Carl Zimmer, NYT, in re Neandertals.

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Wed 12/31/14 Hr 3 JBS: Joshua Fisher, NYT, bees. Ian Austen, NYT, re Franklin Expedition. Column Lynch, Foreign Policy, in re Darfur.

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Wed 12/31/14 Hr 2 JBS: Mary Kissel, WSJ. Bill Whalen, Doug Rivers, Lanhee Chen, Hoover, in re Roundtable on Election 2014, recorded May 2014.

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Wed 12/31/14 Hr 1 JBS: Gina Kolata, NYT, author, The Smart Patient: Mistakes We Make about Our Health-and How to Avoid Them by Gina Kolata. Jack Hitt, NYT on robots. Jeanna Smialek, Bloomberg, re Millenial investors.

While investing in equities has dropped across the board since the recession, so-called millennials born after 1980 have continued to forsake the market even as it rebounds, according to a Gallup poll taken April 3 through April 6. Just 27 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds reported owning shares outright or in funds, down from 33 percent in April 2008, the survey found. See Smialek.

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