The John Batchelor Show

Thurs / /15 Hr 4, JBS: Richard A Epstein, Chicago Law, NYU Law, Hoover.   Pastor William Devlin, Infinity Bible Church and REDEEM!.  John Markoff, NYT.

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Thurs / /15 Hr 3, JBS: Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents. Josh Rogin,  BloombergView. Tyler Rogoway, FoxtrotAlpha.

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Thurs 10/1/15 Hr 2 JBS: Jerry Hendrix, CNAS. Michael Pregent, National Defense University. Lou Ann Hammond, Dan Henninger, WSJ Editorial.

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Thurs  10/1/15      Hr 1, JBS: Mona Charen, NRO. Marcus Weisgarber, Defense One. Eli Lake, Bloomberg. Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover.

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Wed 9/30/15       Hr 4, JBS: Malcolm Gaskill, author, Between Two Worlds: How the English Became Americans, 

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Wed 9/30/15 Hr 3, JBS: Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Lev Golinkin, author, A Backpack, a Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka: A Memoir. Paul Gregory, Hoover.

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Wed 9/30/15 Hr 2 JBS: Gordon Chang, Charles Burton, Brock University. Nitin Gokhale, Delhi, India.  Aaron Back, WSJ Heard on the Streets. Bret Stephens, WSJ Editorial.

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Wed 9/30/15 Hr 1 JBS: Gordon Chang, Harry Kazianis, National Interest. Rick Fisher, International Assessment and Strategy Center. Molly O'Toole, Defense One. John Avlon, Daily Beast.

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