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Red Blood, Black Sand: Fighting Alongside John Basilone from Boot Camp to Iwo Jima by Chuck Tatum

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One Marine's War: A Combat Interpreter's Quest for Mercy in the Pacific Gerald A. Meehl (Author)

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Pacific War Uncensored: A War Correspondent's Unvarnished Account of the Fight Against Japan Harold Guard (Author), John Tring

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Nomonhan, 1939: The Red Army's Victory That Shaped World War II Stuart D. Goldman (Author)

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Mary Kissel, WSJ. Stephen F. Cohen, NYU.


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Monica Crowley, Fox. Richard Epstein, Hoover.

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Betsy Hiel, Pittsburgh Tribune Review. Mary Anastasia O'Grady, WSJ. Max Holland,


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Steven Starr, Global Nathan Rich, NYT. Kate Galbraith, NYT International.


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Monica Crowley, Fox. Joe Pappalardo, Popular Mechanics.

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Mary Kissel, WSJ. Larry Kudlow, CNBC. Russ Roberts; Michael Boskin, Ed Lazear, Hoover.    

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