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Sat 10/3/15 HBS Author: Eliot Ward Carlson, Joe Rochefort's War:The Odyssey of the Codebreaker Who Outwitted Yamamoto at Midway.

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Fri  10/2/15     Hr 4, JBS: Gillian Tett, US managing editor of the Financial Times and author, The Peril of Expertise and the Promise of Breaking Down Barriers - the Silo Effect.


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Fri  10/2/15     Hr 3, JBS: Harry Siegel, New York Daily News. Lee Smith, Weekly Standard. Rocky Barker, PERC Montana. Carson Bruno, Hoover.

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Fri  10/2/15     Hr 2, JBS: Michael Vlahos, Global Security Studies program, Johns Hopkins University; Center for a New American Security. Holly Fretwell, PERC Montana. Kirk Johnson, NYT.

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Fri  10/2/15     Hr 1, JBS: Jim McTague, Barron's. Seb Gorka, Marine Corps University. Claudia Rosett, FDD.

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