The John Batchelor Show

Wed  9/23/15     Hr 4, JBS: Francis Rose, Federal News Radio. John Avlon, Daily Beast.  Taegan Goddard, Political Wire.

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Wed  9/23/15     Hr 3, JBS: Monica Crowley, Fox, & Washington Times Online opinion editor. Liz Peek, Fiscal Times. Aliya Sternstein, Nextgov senior correspondent.

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Wed  9/23/15     Hr 2, JBS: Gordon Chang, Alan Tonelson, economic policy analyst & RealityChek. Cleo Paskal, Chatham House, & author, Global Warring. Steve Moore, Heritage. Robert Bryce, Manhattan Institute.

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Wed  9/23/15     Hr 1, JBS: Gordon Chang, Arthur Waldron, University of Pennsylvania. Chris Harmer, Institute for the Study of War.  David Livingston, The Space Show. Dr. Robert Zubrin, Mars Society. Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View.

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