The John Batchelor Show

Wed 9/16/15    Hr 4, JBS: H. W. Brands, author, Reagan: The Life.

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Wed 9/16/15 Hr 3, JBS: Bill Whalen, Hoover. David M Drucker, Washington Examiner. James Taranto, WSJ Editorial. Steve Moore, Heritage. Molly O'Toole, DefenseOne.

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Wed 9/16/15    Hr 2, JBS: Gordon Chang, Michael Fonte, Taiwan DPP Mission in US. Andrew Collier, Orient Capital Research (HK). Steven L Herman, SE Asia Bureau Chief, Voice of America.  Monica Crowley, Fox + Washington Times Online

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Wed 9/16/15    Hr 1, JBS: Gordon Chang, Charles Burton, Brock University. Nury Turkel, Uyghur American Assn & D.C. lawyer. Dr. David M. Livingston, The Space Show. Emily Lakdawalla,
Senior Editor & Planetary Evangelist

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