The John Batchelor Show

Guests: Kate Taylor, NYT. Jed Babbin, EpicTimes. Paul Gregory, Hoover. Seth Shostak, SETI & NYT.

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Guests: Mary Kissel, Wall Street Journal editorial board & host of Julie Bykowicz, Bloomberg Politics. James Taranto, Wall Street Journal. Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast.

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Mon 4/13/15 Hr 2 JBS: Co-host Thaddeus McCotter, WJR, author, “Liberty Risen.” David Drucker, John Fund, NRO. Eli Lake, Bloomberg Politics. 

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Mon 4/13/15 Hr 1 JBS: Bill Roggio, FDD. Ann Marlowe, Hudson. Co-host Thaddeus McCotter, WJR, author, “Liberty Risen.”  Liz Peek, Fiscal Times. Gordon Chang,

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