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Sat 4/4/15 JBS Author: The House That Ruth Built: A New Stadium, the First Yankees Championship, and the Redemption of 1923 by Robert Weintraub

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Fri 4/3/15 Hr 4 JBS: David Quammen, author, "The Chimp and the River: How AIDS Emerged from an African Forest."


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Fri 4/3/15 Hr 3 JBS: Walter Hunt, author, "Elements of Mind: a novel." William Alexander, author, "Flirting with French: How a Language Charmed Me, Seduced Me, and Nearly Broke My Heart."


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Fri 4/3/15 Hr 2 JBS: Michael Vlahos, John Hopkins. Michael Balter,Science. Jim Gilmore,

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Fri 4/3/15 Hr 1 JBS: Jim McTague, Barron's. Liz Peek, Fiscal Times. Jessica Benko, NYT Magazine.

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