The John Batchelor Show

Guest: Paul M. Barrett, author, Law of the Jungle: The $19 Billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the Lawyer Who'd Stop at Nothing to Win.


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Guests: Bob Zimmerman, behindtheblack. James Gorman, NYT. : Elbridge Colby, Center for New American Security.

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Thurs 2/12/15 Hr 2 JBS: Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents.  Mike Doran, Hudson Institute. Amb Dennis Ross, Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Olli Heinonen, Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.





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Thurs 2/12/15 Hr 1 JBS:  Mary Kissel, WSJ. Edward Hayes, Esq, criminal defense attorney. Janet Albrechtsen,  The Australian, opinion columnist. Rick Outzen, Pensacola Independent Daily News.

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