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Shadow Warrior: William Egan Colby and the CIA by Randall B. Woods


Evan Thomas, New York Times Book Review
“[A] well-written, thoroughly researched and disarming biography. What was Colby really thinking and feeling all those years as he performed morally questionable acts for noble causes? We cannot know for sure, and Wood, perhaps wisely, does not guess. Colby's inner motivations were well hidden, perhaps even to Colby.”

Wall Street Journal
“In this carefully researched biography, Mr. Woods provides a favorable but critical evaluation of a man whose undeniable talents did not prepare him to lead America's most prominent spy agency at its most perilous moment.”

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Never Look a Polar Bear in the Eye: A Family Field Trip to the Arctic's Edge in Search of Adventure, Truth, and... by Zac Unger


BBC Wildlife Magazine (UK), April 2013
“[A] frequently bitingly accurate look at the circus that surrounds the polar bears’ presence, and at the animals themselves, which go about their business inured to the hysteria their annual routine provokes…The author is clearly a thoughtful and concerned observer who cares deeply about polar bears and their future, and has provided [an] entertaining—and certainly unique—addition to the canon of polar bear literature.”
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