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Stephen F. Cohen, NYU, Princeton University.

 Stephen F. Cohen, in re:  . . .  about 6,000 people killed, most innocent civilians, and a million refugees. Can Ukraine be kept together? It’s divided families.  Further, can NATO hold together?  Ukraine is thought to  be able to hold together with a federal constitution but not only would Eastern Ukraine have its rights respected; so would the west which leans toward Europe.  Will have to have own local elected representatives. Very difficult tax revenues policy currently.  What can the federal govt do: make foreign policy?   Take the country into NATA?  Have to rule that Ukraine will always be a militarily nonaligned country, like Finland and others. Could create a suitable constitution in an hour – who can impose it?    Does Putin see Proshenko as an agent for this decentralized country? He probably sees that he won't find a better partner in Ukraine than Poroshenko . . . whose strength right now comes from his support in Europe and Washington. 

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Larry Kudlow, CNBC. Bill Whalen, Hoover. David Drucker, Washington Examiner. Lanhee Chen, Hoover.


The Top-Ten, Bottom-Ten in the Senate
by Bill Whalen

A Day At The Races


The Republican Obamacare Battle Plan for 2015

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